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Find out where your business can save through an on-site energy assessment and receive incentives for making energy-efficient improvements.

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The Small Business Improvement Enhanced Program can help business owners save energy for years to come.

As a small business owner, you should be able to focus on what matters most: your business. With the Small Business Improvement Enhanced program, you can save on energy for years to come— making it easier for you to focus on building your business.

Qualifying customers can receive recommendations from participating contractors on how to make your business more energy-efficient. Even better: you can receive financial incentives to help offset the cost of installing upgrades. Satisfied program participants report decreased maintenance hours, a more appealing atmosphere, and savings on their energy bills. Contact us to kickstart your energy savings.

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Customer Spotlight
“We were beyond impressed with the level of service we received from the contractors. They gave the utmost respect to our facility and ensured minimum disruption to our church activities. Not only will it bring cost savings, we will also become better stewards of the environment.”

Dr. Jeff Scott

Senior Pastor Northside Baptist Church

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"I was initially hesitant to take part in the Small Business Improvement program, not knowing what I’d end up with. After talking with Gary [a participating contractor at Trinity Energy Solutions] and learning what savings I might see, I bit the bullet and said OK. They came to the store and gave me a game plan on what they would do and how long it would take. They started when they said they would start and finished when they said they would finish. It was easy for me. Now, I have a much brighter, better looking, and more efficient store. I’m very happy with it.”

Rhys Weakley

Northern Neck Building Supply, Inc.

"A Power Electric recently provided us with information regarding Dominion Energy’s energy saving program and we decided to participate. The A Power Electric rep provided a no cost estimate of the upgrade, and I was surprised by the reduced cost for the conversions. Their team promptly did the work and our office and store location look great. We are now enjoying the environmental and financial benefits as well as the reduced burden on our maintenance dept. of handling bulbs and ballasts."

Cornerstone Support Services

"Puffin Mechanical really took the time to explain the benefits of participating in Dominion Energy's conservation plan allocated to businesses. They told us that it was something we qualified for even if we opted to utilize another HVAC contractor. They really listened to our "how and why" questions and helped us understand that participating in the conservation program (simply by using items made for energy conservation) was the best choice, and they were not wrong. They made the process of upgrading all our light fixtures during working hours a fun and super clean process, helping us maintain professional courtesy to our customers. Things at Lady Locksmith are looking really bright!"

"We couldn't be happier with the service that Dominion Energy provided. By taking advantage of the Energy Conservation Program, we have saved money on our monthly electricity bill, brightened our store by switching to all LED lighting and made our backroom workspace brighter and more inviting for working long hours filling boxes of chocolates!"

Available Programs

Small Business Improvement

Find out where your business can save through an on-site energy assessment and receive incentives for making energy-efficient improvements.

Energy-efficient lighting and controls can reduce energy use and improve aesthetics
Properly sealed duct and air distribution system can eliminate hot and cold spots
Efficient heating and cooling systems can create a more comfortable environment for you and your customers and employees

Building Engagement Program

Empowering building and facilities managers to create effective change in their building’s energy use.

Lower energy and operating costs
Engage and coordinate a wide array of building stakeholders
Create energy-efficient behavior

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