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Making smart energy updates can reduce operating expenses and improve the comfort of your facilities.

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Looking for ways to cut costs and reduce your manufacturing facility’s energy use?

Making smart energy updates can reduce operating expenses and improve the comfort of your facilities. Dominion Energy’s Energy Conservation programs can be customized to meet your company’s needs. You’ll receive support from a contractor who can design scalable energy solutions to help you improve efficiency, reduce waste, and save money. Even better: eligible Dominion Energy customers can receive rebates on equipment upgrades, automation and control system installation, tune-ups, and more.

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“We were beyond impressed with the level of service we received from the contractors. They gave the utmost respect to our facility and ensured minimum disruption to our church activities. Not only will it bring cost savings, we will also become better stewards of the environment.”

Dr. Jeff Scott

Senior Pastor Northside Baptist Church

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“At kp, we apply state-of-the-art energy management principles and practices in our manufacturing plants, because we understand that the most sustainable energy is the energy you don’t use in the first place. The energy conservation programs at Dominion have supported us on our journey to deliver a sustainable future, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration into the future."

Tyler Tuel

Maintenance Lead, Klöckner Pentaplast

"Dominion's Energy Conservation program provided access to energy professionals, helping us to maximize our energy reduction initiatives. The rebates are a side benefit and help promote and incentivize local businesses to continue reducing their footprint."

Ashley Drake

Printpack Energy Manager

Available Programs

Commercial Lighting Systems & Controls

Upgrade your existing lighting or install new energy-efficient lighting and controls and receive a rebate.

Energy-efficient lighting and controls reduce energy use and can save you money on electric bills, and switching to LED lighting can help reduce maintenance costs
Newer lighting technologies can provide a more comfortable working environment for employees and customers

Prescriptive Enhanced Program Bundle

Receive a rebate for improvements made on your facility’s ductwork, HVAC system, kitchen appliances and refrigeration systems.

Properly sealed duct and air distribution system can eliminate hot and cold spots in your facility
Efficient heating and cooling systems can provide a more comfortable environment for your employees and customers
Efficient refrigeration systems and kitchen appliances can reduce energy use and save you money in the long run

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