Water Energy Rebates

Get a rebate of up to $400 on an eligible ENERGY STAR® certified heat pump water heater and up to $300 off the purchase of an ENERGY STAR certified variable speed pool pump.

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Water heating accounts for about 18% of your home’s energy use.

It’s easy to save on your water-related energy usage with the Residential Water Energy Savings Program from Dominion Energy Virginia and Dominion Energy North Carolina.

Available Measures

Two Options for your Home Energy Evaluation
Introductory Energy Check-Up:
Requires investment in a quick (30-60 min.) introductory assessment
Great for families and individuals looking for an introduction to saving energy at home
Gain access to rebate opportunities to install smaller-scale improvements, like LED lightbulbs, water heater pipe insulation, heat pump tune-ups, duct sealing, and more
Comprehensive Home Energy Audit:
Requires investment in in-depth (2-4 hr.) energy audit
Logical next step after completion of the Introductory Energy Check-Up
Great for families and individuals interested in making a long-term investment in their home’s energy efficiency
Gain access to more rebate opportunities to install larger-scale improvements, like insulation and air sealing
Smart Thermostat Rewards Program

Enroll in the Smart Thermostat Rewards Program before September 30 and receive $25 after your first summer of enrollment. Plus, if you participate in at least 75% of the event hours of the summer season, you will receive an additional $10, for a total first-year incentive award of $35, and $10 per year thereafter.

Plus, each month you will receive a Connected Savings Energy Scorecard based on your individual HVAC runtime data and setpoint patterns. You can learn more about the Connected Savings Energy Scorecard here.

Participants help Dominion Energy manage higher energy demand by allowing specific, short-term adjustments to your HVAC system via your wi-fi thermostat. In most cases, you won’t notice adjustments to your home’s HVAC system, or your comfort. And you’ll always have ultimate control.

Customers do not have to purchase a smart thermostat through the Dominion Energy program to participate in this program.

Enroll Now

Ready to get started with a smart thermostat? Enroll using the links below.

If your thermostat brand is not listed, it is not currently eligible. Check back for updates.

Smart Thermostat Rewards Program

Choose your thermostat brand to get started:

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You will receive your Energy Scorecard via email from No-Reply@Resideo.com. For additional questions about the Energy Scorecard, please contact domhelp@honeywell.com.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

The Water Energy Savings program offers a rebate up to $400 off the purchase of a new connected heat pump water heater that meets ENERGY STAR performance requirements.

Heat pump water heaters move heat from one place to another using electricity, instead of generating heat directly. Due to this design, heat pump water heaters can be up to two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters.

Qualifying heat pumps can be purchased at:
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Variable Speed Pool Pump
Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Pool owners can save energy and receive a rebate of up to $300 off the purchase of an ENERGY STAR certified variable speed pool pump through the Water Energy Savings Program. A variable speed pool pump can reduce pool pump energy use by up to 75%.

Qualifying variable speed pool pumps can be purchased at:

Participation Benefits

Personalized Report

All cost-effective options and easy to follow recommendations that will help reduce your energy usage

Participating Contractors Network

Contractors who can provide evaluations for manufactured, modular, and mobile homes.

How to Receive a Rebate

Check your rebate eligibility

Please note: Heat Pump Water Heater must replace an electric water heater.

View Eligibility
Purchase an eligible heat pump water heater and/or variable speed pool pump and have it installed
  • If you do not wish to self-install your unit, please reach out to a qualified contractor of your choice to install your heat pump water heater or variable speed pool pump.
  • For a list of contractors able to install a heat pump water heater near you, please view this list of contractors and select “Heat Pump Water Heater."
  • Please note: You may hire the contractor of your choice to install your new equipment. If you don’t have a contractor, please use the linked list to find a contractor in your area.
Apply for your rebate online
Download a rebate application
Your rebate check will be mailed to the address on file with Dominion Energy.
Get Started

Choose your smart thermostat

Receive a $30 rebate for purchasing an ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat from a retailer of your choice! More eligible smart thermostats are available and eligible smart thermostats can be purchased from additional retailers. Please visit the ENERGY STAR website to discover more options.

Customer Eligibility
Is responsible for the electric bill.
Must be a Dominion Energy customer.
Must live in a single-family detached residence, a single-family attached residence, or a single-family manufactured home.
Must purchase and install a heat pump water heater or variable speed pool pump that meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® performance requirements.
Heat Pump Water Heater must replace an electric water heater.
View Terms and Conditions

Please review additional requirements through the Program’s Terms & Conditions for your state: North Carolina or Virginia. By participating in this program, you are signifying your agreement.

Energy Audit Quiz

Simply complete the online home energy audit, which will walk you through questions about your home and lifestyle. A no-cost energy savings kit will be sent to your door at no charge to you. Plus, you will receive instructions on installation and proper use of the kit measures.

Find a contractor
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Check out our list of approved contractors

Take the stress out of finding a contractor with our approved contractor list

Virginia ContractorsNorth Carolina Contractors
If the Find a Contractor tool fails to return results for contractors to perform program services in your area, please contact our program team for further assistance at 888-366-8280

Save even more when you enroll your smart thermostat

Customers with an eligible smart thermostat at home can earn additional rewards by participating in the Smart Thermostat Rewards Program.

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